Put our expertise to work for you. At Train Fastpitch, we are proud to have received the following recognition for our efforts to provide softball athletes with the tools required to make it to the next level!  We are also proud to highlight those athletes whose committment to fitness and improvement have earned them a position on a College or University Softball team.
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News and Reviews for trainFASTPITCH
"Train Fastpitch is a must-do!  Matt focuses on softball specific exercises that relate directly to strength, speed, and quickness on the field.  I've noticed a huge increase in stamina, quickness, and athleticism in many of my players.    He also builds the athlete's level of mental toughness by pushing their limits beyond what they thought possible.  His training has helped many of my players earn D1 College Scholarships."  

Jennie Ritter,
  2005 National Champion
  Head Coach of Florida Select 18U Gold
"The Florida Select is an elite softball program that helps great student-athletes showcase their skills.  The program encompasses the total package of what collegiate athletics is about: athletes, academics, and strength and conditioning.  The athletes at Florida Select have a noticeable advantage in speed, quickness, and athleticism.  Matt ha[s] done a great job developing the conditioning and core strength in their athletes needed to succeed at the college level."  

Gerice Olsen,
 Former Assistant Softball Coach, University of Central Florida
  • Cecile Gomez, Jacksonville University
  • Morgan Taylor, Georgia Tech
  • Victoria Daddis, Florida State University
  • Colleen Darragh, Georgia Tech
  • Kelsey Chisholm, Georgia Tech
"As an athlete I feel that this program really helped me with my game.  The conditioning is intense, but works.  It definitely not only helps with the physical aspect, but the mental game as well."

Cecile Gomez,
  Pitcher, Jacksonville University
"I have been extremely impressed with the level of fitness of the athletes who train under Matt. It is evident through his program, Matt made his athletes more college ready than their counterparts. What excites me the most is knowing these girls will be able to step into our institution as freshmen and be just as physically prepared as my returning players. Thanks to Matt’s tough training regimen, I am confident in the Florida Select players’ ability to succeed at the college level."  

Aileen Morales,
  Assistant Softball Coach, Georgia Tech University
  • Paige Kovalsky, George Washington University
  • Lauren Harris, Florida State University
  • Rachel Pence, Florida Tech
  • Ashley Maynard, Southeastern University
  • Koral Smith, University of Iowa
"Matt is a great strength coach with the necessary tools to make any athlete better! After graduating from the University of Florida, I trained with Matt and he was able to improve both my strength and speed. Each workout made me a better all around softball player!"

-Francesca Enea
Current USSSA PRIDE NPF PRO and Former All-American from Florida

  • Marisa Magnuson, Auburn University - Montgomery
  • Tana McDaniel, Morehead State University
  • Casey Gerhard, Florida State University
  • Cassidy McDilda, Florida State University